All music by MicroD is now and always will be free for everyone. Enter a price of zero when downloading or donate any amount you like and share it with your friends! Below you'll find a list of releases hosted on and some compilations featuring MicroD.

Official Releases

D's Quest contains all-new tracks created for the Roland MT-32 Sound Module. The MT-32 was the standard for computer music and PC games in the late 80s/early 90s (notably those made by Sierra) prior to MIDI... more
Radical D contains 8 all-new tracks spanning genres from surf, ska, reggae, prog rock and beyond. This album, unlike my previous Game Boy material, was created for the Nintendo Entertainment System... more
Prime began as a concept that would challenge me to write more songs in odd time signatures. The idea to write a series of songs in prime number time signatures ultimately became Prime... more
The songs on this disc are more an exercise in musical minimalism than of programming prowess. Music written on guitar and piano and stripped them down to their basic elements.

Full Discrogaphy

TX Chip Compilation II -
Merry Chipmas 2013 - Released on 12/20/2014 -
Merry Chipmas 2013 - Released on 12/19/2013 -
Circuits 2 Compilation - Released on 12/12/2013 -
Radical D - Released on 8/13/2013 -
TX Chip Compilation I (Various Artists) - Released on 3/9/2013 -
Merry Chipmas 2012 - Released on 12/24/2012 -
TRACK+FEEL II Remix EP (Various Artists)- Released on 12/21/2012 -
Merry Chipmas 2011 - Released on 12/24/2011 -
Prime - Released on 11/11/2011 -
Cementimental Presents 1 Second Chipnoise Comp Which Took Way Too Long (Various Artists) - Released on 2/27/2011 -
Merry Chipmas 2010 - Released on 12/24/2010 -
Bible Belt Bitfest 2 (Various Artists) - Released on 7/1/2010 -
Warm Yummy Dub (Various Artists) - Released on 6/27/2010 -
Rude Boy (Various Artists) - Released on 5/16/2010 -
1-Minute (Various Artists) - Released on 3/28/2010 -
MicroD (Self-Titled) - Released on 10/10/2009 -
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