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MicroD is an alias used by Michael DuFault for his chipmusic compositions. MicroD draws inspiration from video game classics and uses the same old consoles (Nintendo Game Boy, NES) with specialized software such as Little Sound DJ and FamiTracker to create heavily melodic and new original music in a similar style. Most of these tunes are the result of music written on piano or guitar then transcribed and retrofitted to the video game sound that influenced him greatly as a young musician.

This project debuted with a self-titled EP at the end of 2009 composed for the Nintendo Game Boy. This was followed by numerous exclusive tracks for related compilation albums, such as Rebound for Rudeboy (A collection of chiptune takes on the ska/reggae genre). MicroD's sophomore album, Prime, was released on 11/11/2011. Also composed for the Game Boy, Prime is a nine track concept album consisting of the four part title tracks and five others. A limited run of hand-numbered CDs are still available here. For his third and most recent album, Radical D, he utilized the sounds of the NES for eight brand new tracks spanning genres from surf, ska, reggae and beyond. View the full discography.

In addition to the recorded music, MicroD has developed a live show which was first seen in full at Bible Belt Bitfest II in July of 2010. Opting to avoid the DJ style approach most Game Boy musicians take to the stage with, MicroD instead chose to complement his music by accompanying it with live drums. The result is a hard-hitting set packed with the same ebbs and flows and proclivity towards odd time signatures. He has since performed in DFW, Austin and Houston at TX Chip events and at Gearbox Software's Community Day in 2013.

Currently, MicroD is working on a few upcoming projects. This includes a refreshed live set that will bring new tracks into the fold. Also in the works is a cover split with a friend and collaborator made with the Roland MT-32 as a hardware basis.

For any questions, booking requests or general feedback visit the contact page.
For other music projects by Michael DuFault visit the Automorrow Official Website.
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